The ability to provide fanatical customer support is paramount to Headway's mission and essential for the 10-15 year engagement length that speaks to remarkable client retention in an industry that often sees great turnover of vendors, agencies and platforms.

All customer questions and requests are acknowledged, prioritized, and addressed accordingly. A variety of channels of communication are used to achieve this:


Often used for issues that are not extremely time sensitive or require addressing within 1-2 business days. Without the need for additional barriers of support 'ticket' systems, email offers a ubiquitous and efficient method of communicating and documenting questions, answers and solutions.


A toll-free support line gives you direct access to help during business hours and is best used for more complex issues that require detailed explanation or any issue that requires expedicious response. 24/7 response is also available in emergency situations.


Through Zoom and browser-sharing software provided by Glance Technologies. Online training and support is provided through this medium as needed.


On-site training is available for all of our clients. Group sessions can be very effective for our content management application particularly for more advanced site management.